Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WAHM ~ What do you do all day?!

Okay, so I thought I would make this blog a little bit more about being a WAHM, information about new products, and giveaways. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!
"Definition: WAHM is an acronym for work-at-home mom. It means exactly what it says: a mother who works from home". (About.com)

Now that I am a "WAHM" I get asked this question all the time, "What do you do all day that you are so busy?" Seriously?! What part of WAHM don't you understand? Okay, so maybe I need to stop taking that question so personally, but it's kind of hard when people ask all the time. So here I will answer this so "important" question for everyone :0)

First of all ,WAH= Running a business (WORKING) from my home! The best part of working at home is that I am at home with my little girl and husband (he works from home as well). I have the opportunity to be with them 24/7 no matter what! This is the reason that I became a WAHM. My family is what matters the most to me and when we found out that our daugher had food allergies, well, that made the decision to run the company from home full time easy! As a mom I take care of the household, cleaning, cooking (allergy friendly~ I make EVERYTHING out of scratch), grocery shopping (remember, my daughter has food allergies, so I have to double check ingredients for everything), running errands, doing laundry, playdates (these have been few and far between, because I am so busy), family events, and taking care of my daughter, husband, and our two dogs (Yorkshire Terrier, and Golden Retriever). I also run an online company, which I have to run a website, update information, answer emails, answer phone calls, place orders, pack orders, ship orders, stay up to date on facebook, update business blog, order supplies, order merchandise, and much more! Phew, I'm tired just writing all that down! Now you are probably want to ask me how I do it all?! Maybe next time ;0)

So you see, I do keep myself very busy even though I'm at home. Just like everything else it has it's upsides, like being at home, and it's downsides, like NEVER being able to leave work. No matter what, I would not change it! I loved teaching in the classroom, but that would take time away from me, well, being at home with my family :0) Now, do you want to ask me what I do all day?

~ Victoria
Owner of ABC Creative Learning

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