Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Are Moving!

Our blog website is being moved over to Word Press!  Please come on over and check out our new Blog!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month!  So bring out your art supplies and let your child's imagination run wild!  Well, maybe not completely, unless you are looking for a home makeover! 

Okay, so you might be asking yourself, is my child too young?  As a former preschool teacher I believe that if your child has the motor skills to hold a crayon, a brush, a stick or even has the capability of dipping their hand in paint, then yes they are ready!  Granted, if your child is still putting things in their mouth, then yes adult supervision is required, but just seeing the joy on their faces while they create is amazing!  My 19 month old little girl LOVES to color!  She knows exactly where we keep HER drawing pad, construction paper, markers, and crayons.  At least twice a day she asks to "color".  Yes, we do have to watch her while she creates because she also wants to taste every color in her crayon box and has just learned that her masterpiece creations can be created anywhere, as in walls, chairs, mommy's desk, and the floor!  I personally do not need a home makeover, so she usually has someone creating with her.  Right now we use the Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons, because it helps her grasp the crayon correctly while developing the preferred grip for later needed writing skills.  In the picture below you can see that her crayons have teeth marks and scratches on them.  Not only does she explore crafting with art supplies, but she is also learning about texture and materials.  She has also just discovered stickers, so we let her stick them on her page once she is finished drawing.  Her favorite one right now is the Melissa & Doug Font Sticker Collection because of the letters and numbers or anything with Tinkerbell and the Princesses.  Even my 16 year old younger sister enjoys sitting with her and crafting!  Here is a picture of my daughters newly decorated crayon box and one of her art works  :0)  HINT:  Try to write the date on the page, this way you can look back and see the progress your child has made!

There are so many different sites that really help parents and teachers with new crafting ideas.  Check out Kids Perks a great resource for parents, teachers, educators, home school families and children. They have done their research for some amazing Craft Sites.  Remember Craft is the skill of doing or making something in the arts.  So it doesn't matter what you use or how the final product turns out.  Just remember to encourage your child to explore through art!  Check out all the different Kids Crafts Supplies we have on our website, including Eco-Friendly supplies. If you ever have any questions about choosing an age appropriate product for your child, please feel free to send me an email at
National Craft Month was created in 2004 by the Craft & Hobby Association.  Their goal is to help people learn or re-discover the joy of crafting and everything that it brings. 

If you are in the Orlando, Florida area make sure to check out the 52nd Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival happening this weekend!  You will find my family and myself enjoying the beautiful art & weather tomorrow Sunday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Spring Toys by Melissa & Doug!

Ready for Spring!?  I know we are!!  Just arrived at ABC Creative Learning, is the new line of Spring and Summer Toys from Melissa & Doug, Sunny Patch!!  These adorable, colorful, and educational toys will have your child asking yout to play outside! 

These amazing Sunny Patch Spring Toys by Melissa & Doug are the perfect addition to any outdoor lover!  Your child will love to take a picnic in their new Bella Butterfly Picnic Set or Happy Giddy Picnic Set!  Both sets include dishwasher safe place settings for four including cups, forks, spoons, child-safe knives plates. Everything stores in a colorful, sturdy fabric picnic basket.

Bella & Giddy Pretend Play Picnic Basket Set

Bug lovers will enjoy discovering and learning about insects with this new Happy Giddy Bug House and Bella Butterfly Bug House!  Learning about the world around us is a great way to teach children about our surroundings and the way we should treat our the environment!  Check out all of our Science and Nature toys for the little scientist in your life!

Bella & Happy Giddy Bug House

Check out our website to see all of the new
Spring and Summer Toys!

Founder/Owner of
ABC Creative Learning

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3,000 Fan Giveaway is Officially Closed

Thank you to all my wonderful fans who entered the giveaway!! A special Thanks to all my sponsors who made this event possible and fun!! I will be using tomorrow to choose winners! Winners will be notified by email and it is your responsibility to contact the sponsor within 48 to claim your prize! Thanks again everyone and goodluck! :0)

Friday, February 25, 2011

3,000 FAN Giveaway!!

I am so excited to have over 3,000 Fan follow us on Facebook!! Please leave a comment :0)

Thanks so much!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WAHM ~ What do you do all day?!

Okay, so I thought I would make this blog a little bit more about being a WAHM, information about new products, and giveaways. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!
"Definition: WAHM is an acronym for work-at-home mom. It means exactly what it says: a mother who works from home". (

Now that I am a "WAHM" I get asked this question all the time, "What do you do all day that you are so busy?" Seriously?! What part of WAHM don't you understand? Okay, so maybe I need to stop taking that question so personally, but it's kind of hard when people ask all the time. So here I will answer this so "important" question for everyone :0)

First of all ,WAH= Running a business (WORKING) from my home! The best part of working at home is that I am at home with my little girl and husband (he works from home as well). I have the opportunity to be with them 24/7 no matter what! This is the reason that I became a WAHM. My family is what matters the most to me and when we found out that our daugher had food allergies, well, that made the decision to run the company from home full time easy! As a mom I take care of the household, cleaning, cooking (allergy friendly~ I make EVERYTHING out of scratch), grocery shopping (remember, my daughter has food allergies, so I have to double check ingredients for everything), running errands, doing laundry, playdates (these have been few and far between, because I am so busy), family events, and taking care of my daughter, husband, and our two dogs (Yorkshire Terrier, and Golden Retriever). I also run an online company, which I have to run a website, update information, answer emails, answer phone calls, place orders, pack orders, ship orders, stay up to date on facebook, update business blog, order supplies, order merchandise, and much more! Phew, I'm tired just writing all that down! Now you are probably want to ask me how I do it all?! Maybe next time ;0)

So you see, I do keep myself very busy even though I'm at home. Just like everything else it has it's upsides, like being at home, and it's downsides, like NEVER being able to leave work. No matter what, I would not change it! I loved teaching in the classroom, but that would take time away from me, well, being at home with my family :0) Now, do you want to ask me what I do all day?

~ Victoria
Owner of ABC Creative Learning

Monday, December 27, 2010

New and Great Things to Come in 2011!!

First of all I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones! It has been very busy here at ABC Creative Learning! The main reason for starting this company was for me to carry teacher supplies for my co-workers 3 years ago. Now we have grown and expanded into Educational Toys and even Environmentally Friendly Green Toys! I have been wanting to expand the company even more!! Turning into a mom's one stop shop from educational toys, school supplies, and even boutique clothing at affordable prices. Well, in 2011 we will be carrying beautiful boutique clothing for girls and boys! All of the boutique clothing will be designed and made by WAHM just like myself! I want to be able to support other moms that work from their home! It's not easy running a business, but it's really NOT easy running a business from your own home when their are so many other responsibilities! Like our children!! That is why my goal is to bring amazing clothing from amazing moms or mums :0) Here is a list of Toys and Clothing Boutique Brands that we carry at our online store at

Educational Toys and Learnig Materials:
~ Carson-Dellosa
~ Melissa & Doug
~ Learning Resources
~ Teacher Created Resources
~ Baby Einstein
Green and Environmentally Friendly Toys and Materials:
~ Bug Bites (Coming Soon)
~ Plan Toys
~ Clementine Natural Art
~ Imagination Box Co.
Mommy Owned Children's Boutique Clothing Brands:
~ Jelly the Pug
~ Lolah Pop Vintage Baby
~ Luna B. Tee
~ Missy Melly
If you have a question please NEVER hesitate to ask! Just send me an email at Especially if you need help picking out materials or manipulatives for your children! I love teaching and helping parents make the right choices when it comes to their child's education! :0)

~ Victoria
Owner of ABC Creative Learning